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'Save the Sharks — Save the Oceans' ™

"Shark Attacks of the Twentieth Century -
from the Pacific Coast of North America"

by Ralph S. Collier

Sharks are threatened and need your help. We are taking this opportunity to appeal to you to make a commitment to Shark Conservation and Research by making a significant financial contribution to the Shark Research Committee. These are challenging economic times but it is important to focus on issues that will affect our children and grandchildren. In a report issued in June 2009, a third of the world's 64 species of pelagic sharks face extinction.......like the dinosaurs.....gone forever. It has been estimated that 70 to 100 Million sharks are killed annually, primarily for their 'prized' fins. Make a special donation of only $35.00 and receive our gift of a personalized signed copy of "Shark Attacks of the Twentieth Century". Join the SRC and take pride in knowing that your contribution will help 'Save the Sharks - Save the Oceans.'

Hard Cover, 9" x 12", 296 pages
112 maps and illustrations
118 photographs
42 charts, graphs, and tables

Caution  —  This publication
contains graphic photographs.
"Vivid accounts of attacks are punctuated with chilling, never-before published photographs. If you are interested in Great White Sharks or shark attacks, this is a Must Have book for your library."  —  R. Aidan Martin, Director, ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research
"Collier's findings are more than a little intriguing to anyone who is interested in sharks, or in staying alive."  —  Ben Marcus, Surfer Magazine
".....the book is shockingly absorbing."  —  Publishers Weekly
"This is without a doubt the best shark attack book I have ever read"  — Stephan Bullard  
“A Masterpiece!  This book sets the standard for future publications on this topic.”  — Dr. Erich Ritter
Chief Scientist, Global Shark Attack File, Shark Research Institute
".....an informative book"  —  Bill O'Reilly, The O'Reilly Factor
“Spectacular!  Nothing like this has ever been published on the subject of shark attacks.”  —
Dr. Alessandro de Maddalena
Curator, Great White Shark Data Bank, Milano, Italy
"I love this book, highly recommended reading an informative book"  —  Scott Gibson
“Collier’s book reveals some fascinating facts and is a must for all ocean-goers”Peter C. Howorth, Director, Marine Mammal Center, Santa Barbara, California
"This is one heck of a great book. I loved every second reading it. It was exciting, mesmerizing, and scary as hell"  — Todd J. Newman  
"Collier hooks you from the first page to the last. I guarantee that once you pick up this book you won't be able to put it down"  —  Justin Wagner, Anchorage, Alaska




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